Why Nostalgic Americana?

  It's simple...it's all about pleasant memories.

The paintings in the Nostalgic Americana collection come from my experience and my heart. I grew up on 92 acres of woodland, laced with winding creeks and streams filled with fish…I spent my boyhood summers roaming all over that property taking in every sight and sound. And, that’s exactly how I developed my paintings.

The collection is based on the imaginary Eagle Bay…I created this idyllic location from my memories and imagination and then I simply meandered…painting what I might see around the next bend in the road or the next cove in the Bay.  

Each painting takes me about 3 to 4 months to complete. I love to draw…I start from a small pencil sketch…then I enlarge that sketch until it is the right size. I paint in oil…usually on a 30” x 40” or 30” x 48” canvas. I use only eight to ten colors and mix everything I need from that limited palette.

When I speak with audiences and collectors, I tell them that my artistic ability is inherited, and indeed my family has produced more than one talented artist, but I believe this gift comes from a higher being and sharing it with others is, in part, my way of “giving something back.” My heart and soul are in these paintings. I hope you like them because that means you’ll like me too!