Eagle Bay

How it all started

"I'm often asked, "where is Eagle Bay?".  My answer is simple, I made it up.  Late one night in my studio as I was beginning to work on the sketch for a new painting, I began to wonder - where would I be "standing" as I painted the scene - and how would each of my paintings relate to the others?  

To find the answers, I turned to the white board in my studio and began to sketch the map, placing each of the images right where it would belong around the perfect imaginary bay.

A while later when my wife, Donna, brought me a cup of tea, she suggested that I develop a map and name the community where all of the paintings would find a home.  Thus, Eagle Bay was born...from my imagination, that sketch and a late night visit from my favorite muse.

A very special place...

And so, from creeks and streams and waterfalls to farms and road side stands...from covered bridges to weathered barns, Eagle Bay provides the perfect backdrop for my Nostalgic Americana collection.